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“To be a good coach you need to have a love for the game,enthusiasm and a passion that will show through to the kids and parents that you work with. Mark has all these qualities as well as a great knowledge of the game having played at the top level and worked with some very good coaches. A picture paints a thousand words and Mark is able to demonstrate that visual picture the kids some times need to see. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his coaching school who have developed a fun,healthy and learning environment for the kids.”
 – Adrian Webster  (Former Professional Player, Coach and Manager)

“I have three children trained by Coach Mark Kerlin. It’s amazing to have someone of his professional background right here in Anthem. My son, Tyler, just had his most enjoyable season ever and he is looking forward to next season already. Keep up the good work Coach Mark and Anthem Soccer Club staff!”
 – Doug Pillsbury (Player Parent)

“We have been a part of Anthem Soccer Club for several years. What an incredible experience and opportunity this has been for our son. Coach Mark and Coach Alex has shown our son what it means to be part of a team. So many clubs are focused solely on a win and forget that these are kids. Mark and Alex we thank you for teaching them the sport as well as true sportsmanship!”
 – Kellie Eisenberg (Player Parent)

“I spent eight years as a player in Anthem Soccer Club being coached by Mark Kerlin and I met my best and lifelong friends through our team. Mark was a fantastic coach that facilitated our development both on and off the field as great soccer players and sportsman. To this day I have not met a better coach than Mark, and have not found a soccer organization that treats parents and players better. Any kid in the area that wants to ply soccer should keep Anthem Soccer Club at the top of their list.”
 – James Smith (Former Club Player)

“It has been a couple of years since my son began playing soccer and it is safe to say that the progress he has made is all thanks to this club. The level of professionalism that Coach Mark and Coach Alex teach each player both on and off the field is something that many wish upon to have in their club. Players are given the opportunity to explore what they are best at and are given the opportunity to succeed.”
– Alma Blancas (Player Parent)

“I had a very good experience, in 6 years, Maurice my son enjoyed playing soccer, and learned a lot from coach Mark, and Coach Alex, Mark is a highly experienced soccer coach, and very talented in European Style Skills for positions on the field & team playing, you win a game as a team, not as an individual. His techniques are soft but beneficial in the learning process. I am from Belgium where soccer is the # 1 main sport, so far Mark’s experiences & skills are the best in the Valley, he knows how to teach. Thank you Anthem Soccer Club for these great 6 years my son had the opportunity to learn from you. I recommend any new players or parents to meet with coach Mark and give it a try.”
– Katia Rossomme (Player Parent)

“We love Anthem Soccer Club! It rocks! Retired Professional Mark Kerlin runs this club with integrity, diligence and patience. I love that you can communicate with the coaches here and receive unbiased concern and communication back. He and his coaches truly care about each players development. They work hard to unify players into a “Team” that will excel together with positive encouragement and an exceptional training style that continuously advances each players skills. Mark and his coaches have professional backgrounds and many years of coaching experience. I feel assured that my son is getting the best training to help him succeed his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player himself some day. I also like that our club focuses on the primary players working together to improve their skills for games as opposed to borrowing from higher divisions or relying on one or two players to do it all just to have more wins as that would be short lived. Anthem is great at developing teams that excel together. We love ASC!
 -Michelle Erdmier (Player Parent)

“Anthem Soccer is the greatest thing I’ve ever done! Coach Mark and all the other coaches are amazing people! I personally play and help out with kids on these teams and it just puts my heart at ease and makes me happy! There are many opporunties and choices they let you make and it’s great! I’ve met many amazing people in this club and continue to play with them until I leave for college! This is the club to go to if you want to have an amazing and helpful soccer experience!”
 – Diana Douglas (Current Club Player)

“I had such a great experience playing anthem club! The coaches are knowledgeable on soccer & truly care about all their players! There’s a competitive and fun atmosphere, so it’s the best of both worlds!”
 – Riley Irwin (Past Club Player)

“Anthem Soccer Club has been a great experience for our family. Mark Kerlin runs an excellent club and treats each child and parent with dignity and respect at all times.”
 – Kevin Whitson (Player Parent)

“Anthem Soccer Club has been a wonderful experience for our family. Our daughters’ soccer skills have improved tremendously under the direction of very dedicated and knowledgeable coaches, and we have all made some lifelong friends!”
 – Martha Bringard (Player Parent)